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The Leeward Coast Homeless Shelter

The Leeward Coast Homeless Shelter

The Leeward Coast Homeless Shelter (Pai’olu Kaiaulu Shelter) in Waianae, Hawaii, opened in 2007 by Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle and is operated by the United States Veterans Initiative, the nation’s largest non-profit provider of services to veterans facing challenges in their transition to civilian life.

Providing housing and transitional programs for approximately 275 people, the 70′ x 270′ permanent Sprung transitional shelter houses one- to four-bedroom affordable units and includes adequate space for administrative offices, and a multi-purpose room, as well as educational components for daycares, preschools and adults.

Built in less than five months, the homeless shelter has the capacity to house up to 300 persons and is divided into a 19,000-square-foot family shelter, and an 10,500-square-foot individual and couples shelter.

Sprung was called upon to provide Pai’olu Kaiaulu with a flexible structure that could adjust to the changing priorities within the homeless community, and be erected immediately from inventory. Sprung’s bright, clearspan interior and added skylight application provides an airy, natural environment for living, while an energy-efficient insulation package offers comfortable climate control-ability and lower overall operating costs for Pai’olu Kaiaulu.