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Marshall Aerospace

Marshall Aerospace

Approaching 80 years in aircraft engineering, Marshall Aerospace has long been one of Europe’s leading privately owned aerospace companies. Marshall Aerospace required additional aircraft hanger space, but was committed to reducing capital expenditures and lowering operating costs. Rather than build a conventional aircraft hanger, Marshall Aerospace decided that it needed a design that could be rapidly built, modular in design, energy-efficient and more operationally flexible so that it could be reconfigured in the future.

After carefully considering a number of building alternatives, Marshall Aerospace selected Sprung structures to supply a 130′ wide x 200′ long insulated structure complete with Dupont Tedlar Granite Grey and Regal Blue architectural membrane and a state-of-the-art Megadoor system.


“What amazed us was the speed of construction, quality of finish and the lack of problems during the build. As an aviation business, we know good engineering when we see it and it is clear to us the Sprung product is based on world-class engineering and intelligent design. All of that cleverness is then supported by Sprung’s Delivery Partners in the UK, Freespan, whose project management was surefooted and confident. It is unusual to see a construction project delivered with no problems, but Freespan made sure that we, as the client, did not have to worry about anything.”