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A Place for Worship New Life Christian Center



  • New Life Christian Center, Turlock California


  • With a fast growing congregation, New life Christian Center had outgrown their space and needed room to grow. Conventional construction was too expensive and time consuming. New Life needed a new building solution.


  • 150′ wide by 212′ long Sprung Structure fully insulated.
  • Tan, Cromwell Grey and Brownstone Red membrane colors


  • Sprung helped design and install a modern new facility that fit the church’s needs. The design includes an impressive open concept foyer, with daylight panels, that serves as a gathering area and provides access to a break area and meeting rooms, and leads into the sanctuary. The sanctuary seats almost 1,100 people and houses a large platform stage, a prayer room, and usher’s room, and a nursing room. The entire space is overlooked by a balcony and meeting areas.
  • 3,200 people a day every weekend
  • Attendance is up 45%



“Innovative, Highly-Creative, Kingdom-Focused Building. The Sprung Team gave us a permanent facility that exceeded our expectations and allowed us to invest in ministry not mortgages. This facility is state of the art, half the cost of traditional construction and 3x’s faster to build.”

Dr. Brett C. Avery, Executive Pastor
New Life Christian Center, Turlock, CA

Easter Sunday 1976, a group of 34 people met for the first time in a rented building in Turlock, California, to start the New Life Christian Center.

Over the last 41 years, God has continued to bring more and more people to be part of our church. Today, those 34 people have become 2400 people. But, our auditorium only sat 400.

In our new Sprung building, we have one live and five video venues, including two outdoor sites for people to engage with our services. New Life chose to partner with Sprung to design and create a state of the art building which meets the needs of our rapidly growing church.

Yes, it’s different. Yes, Sprung buildings don’t look like every other building you see. For us, that is the benefit. The unique and creative style of the Sprung building is actually an attraction. And
because of the costs we saved, we’re able to invest more money into ministry, instead of mortgages.

We own 15 acres of land on the side of a major highway. The Sprung structure is part of a ten acre development project. Our new facility is three floors, including a state of the art worship center with seating for 1000 people, a cafe, an expansive lobby, and a kid’s space. With over 31,000 sq ft on the first floor and over 8,000 sq ft of mezzanine space, our Sprung structure has given us room to connect with each other, worship together, and continue helping even more people connect with Jesus.

We chose to partner with Sprung because they give us the best immediate and long term solution for our needs. The free span design offers a flexibility that is perfect for our growing church.

Like many church projects, the cost was a significant part of the decision making process. We found we could not simply get the volume, square footage, or flexibility that Sprung offers from any other type of building solution. Like many of you we looked at traditional building solutions: brick and mortar, tilt up cement, and steel buildings.

Long term cost of ownership was a major consideration. The insulation factor and eco-friendly construction of our Sprung structure gave us a lower dollar per square foot initial investment, and a
significant cost of ownership savings in heating and cooling.

Being in the Central Valley of California we get a lot of sun and a lot of warm days. We knew our facility needed to have high-energy efficiency factor. The R30 insulation Sprung offers means we have 12 inches of insulation between the heat of the Central Valley and the 70 degree comfort we expect from our air conditioning.

There is also a “Wow” factor to Sprung buildings. Several times a week people will pull off the highway or come from the local community asking if they can take a tour. The conversation starts with “I drive passed this building all the time. What are you guys building here?” And once they step inside, everybody says, “Wow, this place is amazing.”

For New Life Christian Center, Sprung was the right solution. They provided a high tech, eco-friendly, flexible building solution, that created a buzz in our community and provided us with the space to fulfill our mission of loving people one step closer to Jesus. One more thing, if you find yourself in the Central Valley of California, come ask us. We’ll be happy to give you a tour.

Dr. Brett C. Avery, Executive Pastor
New Life Christian Center, Turlock, CA