Market Sector Homeless Navigation Centers

A Navigation Center on the Embarcadero in San Francisco



  • City of San Francisco


  • A large number of unsheltered homeless people living in encampments were unable to access services like intensive case management or health care and drug treatment programs at traditional shelters.
  • The area needed a safe, secure, shelter for San Franciscan’s experiencing long-term homelessness where they could receive support, social service and housing connections, with a continuum of services aimed at reducing and preventing homelessness. An immediate solution was needed.


Three Sprung Structures:

  • Dorm A 50’ wide x 120’ long
  • Dorm B 50’ wide x 105’ long
  • Office 50’ wide x 120’ long


200 bed homeless shelter includes; offices, clinic, and dining hall SAFE Navigation Centers are low-threshold, high-service residential programs for adults experiencing homelessness in San Francisco. SAFE Navigation Centers are one part of the Homelessness Response System and are an attractive service for people living un-sheltered or in.

SAFE Navigation Centers are essential to reducing un-sheltered homelessness and connecting guests to services and housing assistance. SAFE Navigation Centers build off of the best aspects of Navigation Centers and
makes them more scalable, sustainable, and effective. The City is looking to expand SAFE Navigation Centers in neighborhoods across the city to respond to the homelessness crisis.

SAFE Navigation Centers do not accept walk-ins. All individuals and couples who enter have been selected by the SF Homeless Outreach Team or a centralized referral system as good candidates for the SAFE Navigation Center environment. Because SAFE Navigation Centers operate 24×7, there are no lines outside in the evening, and guests are not exited onto the street in the morning.

SAFE Navigation Centers are a proven way to get people off the street and on a pathway to housing and stability. They provide long-term benefits to both neighbors and the city. In 2018, the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing helped over 2,200 people exit homelessness, and since their launch the Navigation Centers helped 46% of its guests exit homelessness.

This newest center, with 200 beds, at the Embarcadero SAFE navigation Center strikes a good balance of operational costs and service costs to be most cost-effective.


As a contractor in the Bay Area for 20+ years, we have constructed a wide range of different building types. The pre-engineered Sprung Structure has proven to be a perfect solution for Navigation Centers throughout North America. They are available immediately, quick to construct, energy-efficient, and economical. The Sprung Structure provides a very bright open interior that is perfect for dormitory housing, dining, recreation, clinic, and office space.

We strongly recommend any City or County to consider the Sprung Structure Navigation Center solution for housing homeless in their community.

Gerard Callahan, President
G&G Builders, Inc