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Southwest Airlines – KCI Baggage Handling Structure



  • Southwest Airlines, Kansas City International Airport


  • Kansas City International Airport is undergoing a series of major renovations.
    As part of the changes, Southwest Airlines needed an interim baggage handling facility.


  • 90’ wide by 130’ long Sprung Structure fully insulated


  • Sprung has been utilized by Southwest Airlines on a number of previous projects throughout the US. When it came time for another interim structure, Sprung was their first choice. A key component to the facility is the conveyor system exiting the conventional terminal building into the Sprung structure. Not only did this conveyor need to be covered, but the location crossed a traffic lane for baggage tugs. A large opening was required to allow for potential tug traffic under the conveyor. Sprung engineered a clear opening with a width of 19’ and a height of 7’6”. Sprung is the foremost authority on interim airport building solutions.