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Market Sector Homeless Navigation Centers

Toronto 24-Hour Respite Centre



  • City of Toronto


  • As the pressure on Toronto’s emergency shelter system continues to build, a group of housing and health advocates called on City Hall to declare a state of emergency to address a “disaster” unfolding on the streets, and pushing for the swift opening of temporary respite sites.


  • Sprung teamed up with its strategic alliance contractor BLT Construction to construct Three – 60′ wide by 150′ long fully insulated Sprung Structures featuring Dupont Tedlar Sky Blue Architectural Membrane with vestibule entrances. The Sprung building system is durable and can be dismantled, moved and installed on an alternate site if required. The repurposibility and relocatabilty of a Sprung building have added resiliency to Toronto’s system by increasing the emergency response capacity.


  • Each Sprung 24-Hour Respite Centre meets provincial standards for accessibility. The structures are low-barrier, pet friendly facilities, providing essential support, including service referrals. Each structure houses 100 people, and includes the following: connections to city water, sewer, electrical, gas services, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, showers, toilets, laundry facilities, dining, common area with TV’s, a food dispensary and pantry to provide meals prepared off-site.