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Weatherford International

Weatherford International

In 2012 Weatherford International needed an immediate facility for their Siberian gas field operations. After reviewing a number of building alternatives, it was determined that the Sprung product would be an ideal solution for their new manufacturing facility due in part to speed of delivery and construction as well as a proven track record in remote locations. The clearspan design was an important consideration to accommodate a large gantry crane.

This 100’ wide x 470’ long Sprung structure includes a 9-inch thick layer of Johns Manville formaldehyde-free fiberglass blanket insulation as well as a full-height interior partition, and three 16’ x 16’ rolling service doors. Sprung supplied low-temperature arctic membrane for this project which is designed exclusively for cold weather applications.

This manufacturing facility includes a full-scale machine shop, lathes, crane, and storage racking and calibration room.

Sprung Structures provide an immediate, reliable, and versatile building solution for oil and gas companies working in remote locations.

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