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3M Greystone Quarry

3M Wausau

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When officials at 3M Wausau decided to reconfigure operations at the facility’s Greystone Quarry site, they determined that the site’s existing mine truck maintenance building had to be demolished and replaced with a new one. Not only did this new building need to be tall enough to accommodate the operation’s haul trucks and drilling equipment, it also needed to include a large cargo door (with the option of adding a second cargo door in the future) for easy access into and out of the structure.

In addition, the 3M Wausau team wanted the new building to be insulated, so they could heat it when necessary. They looked to Sprung for a fast and cost-effective solution.


Sprung designed and delivered a fully insulated
100’ wide x 60’ long vehicle maintenance structure that met all of the client’s requirements.
Constructed and operational in just two months, the new building passed the International Energy

Conservation Code (IECC) and features five-foot leg extensions, a 29’4” x 20’ sectional cargo door, electric vents, two personnel doors, and Sprung LED lights for optimal illumination inside.


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