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Berce Athletic Center – Gymnasium

Regis University

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In 2020, Regis University’s 12 athletic teams urgently needed more space and often had to rent other locations for training and practices. The university’s volleyball program, in particular, was poised to enter NCAA-level competition and required a suitable amenity for high-level practice and hosting activities. Sprung was approached to provide a structure that would meet the needs of the volleyball program while serving as a multi-purpose venue for other teams and events.

Made possible through a donation by school alumnus Dan Berce and his wife, Annie, the new Berce Athletic Training Center features two full basketball courts, volleyball courts and auxiliary centers for athletics training, strength and conditioning.


The impressive facility had to materialize over a short summer break. We delivered – within four months. The Regis volleyball program now enjoys premier-performance wood flooring that serves all multi-purpose events. And, we enhanced the generous natural light with additional lighting capacity for better game recording.

Sprung structures cost less than traditional builds – and their long life cycle means Regis will see significant ROI with no more rental costs, plus new rental income, over the long term.


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