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Controlled Environment Agriculture

Berrycove – Greenhouse

Berrycove Limited, Trinidad and Tobago

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In the face of mounting climate challenges and an increasing dependence on expensive food imports, investors and farmers on the dual island Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) began seeking ways to enhance food security in the region. The group behind Berrycove Ltd. wanted to build a collection of climate-smart, highly specialized greenhouses in order to grow local produce—specifically berries and greens—that could nourish the people of T&T while reducing their reliance on imports from other countries.

In addition, due to regional climate threats like high winds, the Berrycove group required a solution that also allowed for easy water collection and interior temperature control.


Sprung provided four 50’ x 210’ greenhouse structures to Berrycove—all on budget and ahead of the established delivery time. Featuring an airtight and watertight building envelope, each greenhouse provides an ideal growing environment that allows for superior control of light, ventilation, temperature, humidity and more. The structures also feature Sprung’s translucent membrane panels, as well as screened windows with Velcro flaps, an above-grade rainwater collection system and highly effective cross-ventilation that helps to prevent overheating.

In addition to the greenhouse structures, Sprung provided a “head house” for mechanical and packaging processes. The 40’ x 70’ structure features both single and double personnel doors, peak-integrated daylight panels and freestanding insulated partition walls.


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