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Controlled Environment Agriculture

Highfield Regenerative Farm

Highfield Regenerative Farm

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In early 2022, HRF received a substantial grant from Agriculture and Agri-food Canada to build a greenhouse that would allow the farm to extend its growing season and effectively triple its output. In addition to providing space for growing food, the group behind HRF wanted the greenhouse to serve as a place where people could gather for workshops and other agricultural-focused programs. However, due to the nature of their lease with the City of Calgary, the team had to build a greenhouse that had no foundation requirements and could be moved if needed. A Sprung structure was the ideal solution.


Sprung provided an energy-efficient, 4,800-square-foot greenhouse structure, which was built by the HRF team in about three weeks, with Sprung representatives on-site throughout the process to assist and advise. The greenhouse’s aluminum substructure is rated to outperform steel, while the tensioned and translucent architectural membrane has a longevity of at least 10 years.

In addition to being rust-proof and weather-resistant, the Sprung greenhouse at Highfield Regenerative Farm is easy to reposition and rebuild, and it can be relocated. Instead of resting on a foundation, the structure is anchored directly into the earth—each aluminum rib is attached to two duckbill-shaped anchors about 12 feet below the ground. The greenhouse also features a passive cooling system and an airtight membrane that can help cut cooling and heating costs in half.


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