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Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Railway, Warehousing

Marathon Oil

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Marathon Oil needed an immediate on-site warehousing solution to store temperature-sensitive parts at two of its North Dakota locations: Dunn Center and New Town.


Sprung was called upon to supply two 60’ x 105’ fully insulated structures featuring a Desert Tan membrane, a 12’ x 16’ rolling service door and an attached 10’ x 12.5’ office for the warehouse manager. Speed of delivery and construction were important factors in selecting Sprung for these projects. Sprung received the initial order late on Wednesday, March 26, 2014. Seven days later, the structures arrived on-site, ready to be erected. Marathon Oil was so impressed with its first two Sprung structures that its placed further orders to expand both sites: first, an 80’ x 165’ structure for its New Town location in September 2014, and then another 80’ x 165’ structure for its Dunn Center location in October 2014. Construction for New Town was completed by November, while Dunn Center’s was finished in December. The structures’ translucent daylight panels provide an optimum amount of light, and the fiberglass insulation systems help lower operating costs.


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