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Pasha Logistics Warehousing

The Pasha Group

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Pasha warehousing Sprung fabric buildings. Drone photo.


In 2003, when members of the 25th Infantry Division, based on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, began deployment to Afghanistan and Iraq, they were in need of a place to safely store their personal vehicles. At the time, there were no existing storage facilities on Oahu that could meet the requirements of the division. The Pasha Group secured a contract with the U.S. Department of Defense to build what was needed—and to build it as quickly as possible. Pasha looked to Sprung for an immediate, cost-effective storage solution.


Located at a decommissioned naval air training station at Barbers Point in Honolulu, the storage facility came together in record time. Sprung provided 24 structures, which were shipped quickly and built at a fraction of the cost of conventional construction. The structures were erected one after another, allowing for storage operations to begin as soon as possible.

Each Sprung structure at Barbers Point features two opposing 40-foot bay doors, allowing for easy access and flexibility. Sprung is the solution of choice for logistics companies looking for a fast, affordable and relocatable solution.


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