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Screen Gems – Mill Space

EUE/Screen Gems

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With the rapidly growing film industry in Atlanta, EUE/Screen Gems recognized the need for additional mill space to offer its clients. The lack of on-site space for filming and set construction was becoming a major concern that needed to be rectified as soon as possible, so EUE/Screen Gems turned to Sprung for a high-quality, flexible space that could be delivered and constructed quickly.


Initially, EUE/Screen Gems approached the Sprung team with the idea of leasing a structure for a one-year period. After several meetings and a visit to the Sprung structure at the Atlanta Marriott, the company opted to purchase three permanent Sprung structures instead. Adding up to around 33,000 square feet in total, these fully insulated structures all feature a Tan and Green Kynar exterior membrane and a 25-year pro-rata guarantee.

Other unique features include a custom antique white interior liner and XXL jumbo penetration kits for hooking up portable air conditioning units. The structures also have daylight panels incorporated along their peak, which not only allows for ample natural light but also helps save on monthly lighting costs. From the time of order to completion, the project took approximately six months.


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