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Tesla’s Fremont Factory

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Already a customer, Tesla reached out to Sprung to provide additional assembly line production capacity for their new Model 3 vehicle. And they needed it immediately. Known for their innovation and quick problem solving, Tesla needed to find a fast solution and effective solution to expand their large production line – a standard automotive solution just couldn’t be built in the time available. So, the idea to erect a Sprung structure in Tesla’s Fremont factory parking lot was born.


Within just 19 days, Sprung delivered and built an innovative structure made with our patented tensioned membrane technology. Measuring 137,250 square feet, the building is large enough to house two and a half football fields or 122 Model 3 sedans. The Model 3 assembly line was constructed simultaneously inside the sprawling Sprung building, enabling production to start while the structure itself was being finished. Built at a fraction of the cost of conventional construction, the structure provided a perfect solution to Tesla’s production line expansion.


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