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The Bob Hope Dining Facility

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The U.S. Army’s Victory Base Complex in Baghdad, Iraq, required a 50,000-square-foot dining facility to serve daily meals to troops. Not only did the structure need to be delivered quickly, it had to have extensive durability in order to withstand temperatures over 120 degrees Fahrenheit and frequent high-wind sandstorms.


The custom Sprung structure was delivered in four weeks and constructed at the Baghdad International Airport within 30 days. Its airtight Sprung membrane tensioning system shielded troops from the harsh desert elements and allowed for the successful serving of 32,000 meals a day. With its bright and spacious interior, the facility was deemed a natural morale booster and was named the “Bob Hope Dining Facility” to honor the late entertainer who had often performed for U.S. service members. After the war, the dining facility was relocated and reconfigured into three different units. The relocatable design of the Sprung structure provides long-term value for multi-use applications.


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