Design Flexibility & Relocation

When considering options for relocatable buildings, Sprung is the name that comes to mind first. We are dedicated to empowering our customers with total design flexibility. Did you know that Sprung’s relocatable shelters are constructed faster than conventional buildings and can be deployed anywhere? And they are still incredibly durable, even in hurricane zones! They’re also highly insulated and energy-efficient, despite the high ceilings and vast clear-span space within.

So when would your organization consider using a relocatable building? If your space needs to expand, or you need to move often to better suit your business needs, Sprung is the perfect solution for you. A Sprung relocatable shelter can be altered and redeployed flawlessly to wherever you need it most. Learn more about our beautiful relocatable structures below.

Simplicity and Versatility

  • Multiple options for building components means the building can be repurposed for almost any application in any market sector.
  • The modular design of Sprung’s relocatable structures allows you to easily add or remove modules. This allows you to increase or decrease the available square footage of your relocatable building to best suit current operational needs.

As Permanent as You Need It to Be

  • Sprung relocatable structures are engineered for permanence but also designed for easy relocation for multi-use applications.
  • When appropriate soil conditions exist, temporary applications have absolutely zero subsurface foundation requirements for structures up to 160 feet wide.
  • Our non-corroding aluminum substructure and ultra-durable, high-performance architectural membrane are built to last — we guarantee it.
  • Sprung buildings have thrived in some of the world’s most extreme climates and survived severe weather events as high-performance relocatable shelters.
  • Are you located in an area that’s prone to tropical storms? After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the only building left standing in Buras, Louisiana was a Sprung relocatable structure.

Modern Interior Comfort and Elegance

  • The interior space of our custom relocatable buildings is perfectly suited for people who value an open environment with bright and welcoming features.
  • In addition to high ceilings, daylight panels and stylish windows and doors, our optional glazing walls (glass curtain walls) allow more natural light to penetrate than most relocatable buildings.
  • Colourful graphics, including decorative accents and logos, are easy to apply to the Sprung tension membrane.
Wainscotting on a Sprung Structure Tensioned Membrane Structure

Wainscot Pattern

Wave patteren on a Sprung Tensioned Membrane Structure

Wave Pattern

Goldcorp Lunchroom Sprung Structure tensioned Membrane

Mosaic Pattern

Ready to Move When You Are

  • Sprung relocatable buildings are specifically designed and engineered for ease of movement.
  • Structures can be disassembled, moved, and re-built or completely reconfigured.
  • The same relocatable shelter can often serve many different purposes at various sites (e.g.- recreational centre)

See the three lives of a Sprung relocatable structure Download PDF >

Learn more about the other Top 3 reasons that businesses, industries and governments in more than 100 countries choose Sprung for their relocatable buildings:

  1. Rapid Construction
  2. Performance & Durability
  3. Lower Overall Costs

Why Choose Sprung for Your Relocatable Structure

Since the late 1800s, Sprung has been designing and producing custom fabric structures. No company in the world has more experience, passion or fabric technologies than Sprung. Located in over 100 countries, and with 12,000 structures currently in use, it’s no wonder our patented, tensioned membrane relocatable structures continue to be the right choice for any kind of application organizations. Custom made with impressive speed, we are confident our relocatable shelters are the solution you are looking for.