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New Life Christian Center, Turlock, California

What Pastors are saying about Sprung Structures

“Innovative, Highly-Creative, Kingdom-Focused Building. The Sprung Team gave us a permanent facility that exceeded our expectations and allowed us to invest in ministry not mortgages. This facility is state of the art, half the cost of traditional construction and 3x’s faster to build.”

Dr. Brett C. Avery, Executive Pastor
Turlock, California

“The Sprung Structures at Saddleback Church continue to be valuable tools towards the growth of the church. We put great value on flexibility in our facilities and Sprung Structures provide the kind of flexibility a growing church needs. They go up quickly which allows us to respond to growth spurts and they are easily reconfigured to meet our changing needs.”

Lake Forest, California

“As a communicator, this is a great facility, in that I feel close to everybody. The acoustics are wonderful.

Scott Cagle, Senior Pastor
Knoxville, Indiana

“We do a lot of live music during our services, and acoustically this building is a music lover’s dream.”

Pastor Tracy Hamilton
Seneca, South Carolina

“Sprung Structures are fast, easy, and economical. Our youth group absolutely loves it, we can do everything and anything in our new Sprung…”

Robert J. Wild, Associate Pastor/ Director of Finance and Administration
Peoria, Arizona

“It’s been 4 years, and the wow factor has not stopped. Everyone who sees it for the first time cannot believe what’s inside. It is much more than we thought it would be.”

Pastor Mark Riley
Flemington, PA

New Life Christian Center, this expanding church needed immediate space for its growing congregation.
New Life Christian Center sanctuary space in this tensile structure.
New Life Christian Center welcome center in the large clear-span space of this beautiful tensile building.
New Life Christian Center entrance foyer of this fabric structure feathers large glazing walls. Loads of natural light enter this large welcoming clear-span space.

Growing congregations, religious leaders, leadership committees, and church management directors are turning to Sprung for their unique church building plans. Sprung fabric church structures are cost-effective, durable, and provide long-term flexibility for relocation and expansion. Our fully customizable church building designs appeal to a growing contemporary and non-denominational church market. Sprung’s energy-efficient church structure designs offer an immediate and affordable option for modern prefab church buildings that have the power to draw your congregation and community closer together.

Why Choose Sprung

  1. We Believe… Every church should have the opportunity to build.
    Our buildings provide an unbeatable dollar per square foot cost.
  2. We Believe… Every church should be able to respond quickly to growth.
    Buildings can be designed and shipped within 2 weeks.
  3. We Believe… Every church wants to put money toward ministry not mortgage.
    Our buildings are less than half the cost of traditional construction while providing a significantly higher insulation factor.
  4. We Believe… Every church wants space for people to connect with God and each other.
    Our buildings are excellent for worship, don’t echo like a steel building and provide a bright, open and inviting environment.
  5. We Believe… Every church wants to reach more people.
    Our buildings provide space for you to fulfill your mission of reaching more people.
  6.  We Believe… Every church wants their facility to enhance and support their mission.
    Our buildings generate interest, provide flexible, free span space for multiple ministry designs and can be expanded and repurposed.
  7. We Believe… Every church wants to minimize maintenance and utility expenses.
    Our buildings are maintenance free with lower energy costs.

Examples of Sprung at Work

  • Church Youth Buildings
  • Classrooms
  • Sanctuaries
  • Daycares
  • Gymnasiums
  • Fellowship Halls
  • Multi-functional Event Space
  • Family Community Centers
  • Church Foyers
  • Other Worship Buildings

New Life Church Rendering

With a fast-growing congregation, New Life Christian Center had outgrown its space and needed room to grow.
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Choose Sprung Modern Church Buildings For Your Worship Facilities

Sprung fabric church structures are being used by congregations at Saddleback Church, Roscoe IL’s Life Church, and New Life Church in San FranciscoRedemption World Outreach Center and Englewood Church have created multi-purpose church facilities with gymnasiums, gathering spaces and youth programming, working with Sprung to build their ideal modern church buildings. Consider a Sprung prefab church building for your next church design project.

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