Sprung is an immediate building solution for training facilities and education spaces of every kind. As schools and classroom centers adapt to increased safety protocols in classrooms and beyond, Sprung’s cost-effective and rapidly built structures meet the current and long-term space needs of learning, play, and work. Our high-performance precision-engineered structures can be built within weeks, deliver superior indoor comfort control, and are built to withstand even the harshest of climates.

Our education and classroom facilities are also designed for long-term flexibility and multi-use applications. So while we may not be able to predict the future, we can be prepared today and for whatever comes next. Let’s see how Sprung can help meet your educational or training building goals.

Sprung prefab buildings temporary structure
Sprung prefab buildings
Sprung tensile buildings temporary structure

Building with Sprung for Education

  1. Immediate Shipping – You can get a training facility or classroom building delivered within three to four weeks of order. Over two-million square feet of inventory is available for urgent projects.
  2. Rapid Construction – Build or add space weeks faster than conventional methods allow and significantly reduce related construction costs. Non-insulated structures can be erected at a rate of up to 2,000 square feet per day; 1,000 square feet per day if insulated.
  3. Tailored For Diverse Needs – Details matter when it comes to the success and wellbeing of students, teachers, and staff. Our education and classroom centers offer superior ventilation, fiberglass insulation packages, peak-integrated daylight panels, glazing walls, custom branding elements, and more.
  4. Relocatable – Structures are built for permanence but designed to allow relocation, reconfiguration, expansion, or disassembly, so your training facility or education space remains relevant even if needs change.
  5. Natural Daylight And Exceptional Interior Comfort – Integrated daylight panels and glazing walls create a bright and welcoming space that supports wellbeing and help offset operating costs for any education or training building. The airtight building envelope and fully lofted fiberglass insulation system provide superior indoor climate control.
  6. All-weather Durability – Structures are engineered for extreme climates and proven to withstand severe weather events including hurricanes, heavy snowfall, sandstorms, and extreme heat. The fire-resistant exterior architectural membrane endures temperatures from -60°F (-51°C) to 122°F (+50°C). Sprung’s rust-free military-grade aluminum substructure provides an unlimited lifespan that’s backed by Sprung’s 50-year pro-rata guarantee.
  7. Minimal Foundation Requirements – Erect Sprung structures on existing concrete, asphalt parking lots, or earth.
  8. Lease Or Purchase – Options include purchase, lease, or lease with an option to purchase.
Lunchrooms Physical Distancing temporary buildings
Sprung buildings prefab structure classrooms
Sprung prefab buildings gymnasiumstructure

Examples of Sprung’s Education and Classroom Facilities

  • Classroom centers and schools
  • Lecture halls
  • Campus retail and bookstores
  • Food service
  • Gymnasiums and community centers
  • Administration and offices
  • Student study and libraries
  • Modular flex space
  • Training centers
  • Research facilities and laboratories
  • Mixed-use auditoriums

Choose Sprung for Your Training Facility or Classroom Building

Sprung has met the buildings’ needs for projects ranging from Harvard Business School’s dining hall and Rockefeller University’s research facilities. Our physical education areas and classrooms centers are used by K-12 schools all around the world. Here are some of our past projects of education, training, and classroom facilities.

Physical Distancing in the Classroom

Rice University temporary spaces offer everything from AC to AV during a pandemic

Recently installed temporary buildings that hold socially distanced classes on the Rice University campus. The temporary buildings have been brought to the campus to help with physical distancing during classes amid the corona-virus pandemic. Online students are shown on a screen during an engineering lab were professors teach online and in-person at the same time.

Education Projects

Collingwood College Ireland Sprung Sports HallDartmouth Ivy College Student center Sprung BuildingDeslaurier High School Sprung buildingEdge School Sprung tent buildingElbow Park School Tent Buildingsprung Building Grand Canyon UniversityTent Building - Sprung StructureKutztown University Tent Pavilion Sprung StructureTent Pavilion A and T University Sprung StructureRegis University Srpung structure tent structure buildingRoanoke City Public Schools Tent Building Sprung Structure Rockefeeller UniversitySprung Structure San Francisco State University Annex LibraryJordan School district bus depot tent building sprungThe Lot University of California Sprung Tent and KTG Kitchen to GoTulane University sprung buildingUniversity of CincinnatiUniversity of Louisiana Sprung book store US Virgin Island Board of Education Gymnasiumsgymnasium