Military Barracks

Sprung for Army Barracks

Rapidly Built Military Barracks

Sprung Structures provide significant advantages over conventional tent construction for army base barracks. Sprung’s cost-effective military shelters and soldier barracks are highly durable and designed to withstand extreme weather including hurricanes, blizzards, and sandstorms. These scalable army barrack structures can be built to accommodate any site requirement and occupancy and can be customized to suit specific requirements. Contact us for a quote on a rapidly built military barracks.

Providing Shelter Solutions Since 1887

With superior interior climate control, rapid construction and energy-efficient insulation packages, Sprung’s shelters are ideal for temporary lodging, including BOQ and BEQ facilities to support military bases. We have been providing shelter solutions since 1887, so we understand the demands and requirements for military barracks.

Sprung at Work for Army Barracks

Fort Knox Military Barracks

Sprung Man Camps and Lodging - building structures

Fort Knox has many locations on base with existing concrete pads where WWII army barracks once stood. While the barracks structures themselves did not last, the concrete is still in good condition. Fully insulated Sprung housing units and soldier barracks were customized to fit the existing concrete pads.

Schofield Military Barracks

Schofield Barracks, located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, is an army installation and the home base of the 25th Infantry Division. The military barracks occupies over 17,000 acres and, as of the 2000 Census, housed 14,428 military personnel and their families.