MWR Facilities

Choose Sprung for MWR Facilities

Rapidly Built MWR Facilities

Sprung’s military MWR facilities can be erected in a fraction of the time of conventional construction. We have MWR facilities available in stock, which means you can construct structures within weeks. A non-insulated Sprung structure can be erected at a rate of up to 2,000 ft2 (185 m2 ) per day, a rate that can easily be doubled or tripled with the use of additional labor. For military MWR facilities up to 160 feet in width, there are limited foundation requirements. Contact us to learn about the MWR facilities we have in stock.

Shipping Efficiency of MWR Facilities

The Sprung structure is extremely lightweight and has very compact shipping sizes, significantly reducing transportation costs. The military MWR facility is ideal for remote locations due to its ease of shipping and erection.

Sprung at Work for MWR Facilities

Sprung has erected over 12,000 structures around the world, including military MWR facilities. Here are some examples of Sprung at work for MWR facilities.

Fort Bliss Modularity

El Paso, Texas

Challenge: Fort Bliss is a major training facility that is constantly receiving and deploying soldiers to all parts of the world. Fort Bliss was one of the first bases to receive upgrades through the “Grow the Army” plan. The initiative is designed to increase the Army by almost 75,000 soldiers while realigning a large portion of the force in Europe to the continental US in compliance with the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure program (BRAC).

Size: 80’ x 170’ Gymnasium

Yuksel-Theater MWR Facility