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5 Top Reasons to Choose Sprung

  1. Immediate Delivery from Inventory – Complete projects in a much shorter time-frame than conventional construction.
  2. Superior Performing Playing Environment – Provide a bright and spacious playing environment with a tall peak height, fortified with a fully tensioned white interior membrane.
  3. Sunlight and a Bright, Welcoming Space – Daylight panels and glazing walls allow more natural light to penetrate and brighten up interior space.
  4. Superior Performing Insulation System – Achieve exceptional performance as well as lower operating and energy costs with Sprung’s airtight building envelope and fully lofted fiberglass insulation system.
  5. Rapid Construction Schedule – Significantly reduce construction costs and timelines compared to conventional construction.

Examples of Sprung at Work

  • Lecture Halls
  • Modular Classrooms
  • Campus Retail Space
  • Food Service Areas
  • Assembly Halls
  • Gymnasiums and Community Centers
  • Administration and Office Space
  • Student Study Space
  • Modular or Swing Space
  • Hospitality Buildings
  • Libraries and Bookstores
  • Research Facilities and Laboratories
  • Other School Buildings

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