Glazing Walls

Glazing Walls and Daylight Panels

There are many benefits letting natural light into your facility. From reducing energy costs to improved productivity and well-being, increasing exposure to natural light has profound positive effects. Our daylight panels and glazing walls provide a significant increase to natural light levels within a building. Our glazing walls and daylight panels will create a bright and open atmosphere that is unmatched by any other buildings type.

Curtain Walls

Engineered to integrate perfectly within the Sprung arched profile, glazing walls resist air and water infiltration. One great advantage of using glass as the curtain wall is that natural light can penetrate deeper within the building. The combination of a glazing wall and daylight panels in the peak of the structure provide an exceptional interior immersed in natural daylight.

  • Tourism—Let your guests can take in the scenery with unobstructed views.
  • Retail—Design intriguing window displays to draw in customers.
  • Hospitality—Create a spacious feeling in your dining and lounge areas.
  • Recreation—Let parents, fans and participants feel closer to the action while they take a break, or keep an eye on their favorite athlete.
Glazing Wall in Sprung Structure - tensile structure
Glazing Wall at Keystone from interior Sprung Glass Walls
Glazing Walls Grand Canyon Univwersity glazing wall brings lots of natural light into the dining area
Glazing walls Sprung Windows and Glazing walls

Daylight Panels

Our translucent daylight panels are built into the structure’s membrane envelope. The result is a large area that diffuses light throughout the building.

  • Lower electrical costs for lighting
  • Increased exposure to natural light
  • Diffused light provides a more even, uniform lighting profile without glare
Sprung Daylight Panels - modular structure
Sprung daylight panel in an insulated structure - fabric building.
Sprung Daylight Panels in a checkerboard pattern - fabric buildings
Sprung daylight panel in an insulated structure at head office