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Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

Since 1992, Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge (arcticwatch.ca) has been located 80 miles south of the Magnetic North Pole on Somerset Island. These Sprung structures provide sleeping and recreational facilities for hundreds of visitors throughout the summer who come to the Arctic for an ultimate wild life experience. Sprung structures 12 feet by 12 feet housing units are combined with 30 foot span structures to produce an exceptional facility for this remote Arctic location.

Arctic Watch is run by Richard Weber and Josée Auclair. Richard is the only person to complete six expeditions to the North Pole, including one of the most extreme, and one to the South Pole. In 1995, he and Russian doctor Mikhail Malakhov braved -60ºC temperatures to become the only unsupported trekkers to travel 1,500 kilometres from Ward Hunt Island to the North Pole and back. (They chronicled the trip in their book Polar Attack.) Josée, meanwhile, earned her legs as a guide on trips such as last year’s all-women expedition to the South Pole.