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Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport (DIA) serves 22 commercial airlines, offering non-stop service to more than 150 destinations worldwide. In 2008, DIA handled over 51,000,000 passengers. With an airport elevation of 5,431 feet and 53 square miles of property, Denver International Airport has a historical reputation for massive snow-fall — at times, even overnight.

DIA’s snow removal is the most labor-intensive and daunting responsibility for the airport’s maintenance department. The snow crew is comprised of more than 500 members, who drive heavy equipment to push or blow snow from the airport’s ramp and its six runways and associated taxiways.

To prepare for the 2008/09 winter season, DIA made its largest purchase of snow-removal equipment since the airport opened in 1995. Previously, a fleet of more than 52 smaller vehicles was needed to keep DIA’s six runways and associated taxiways free of snow and ice, including the airport’s three concourses and Jeppesen Terminal. Now with 40 new multi-functional snow-removal vehicles, the vehicles perform multiple tasks of plowing, sweeping, blowing, and sanding.

DIA needed to house these 40 custom vehicles in a facility well-suited for the airport’s consistent high winds and heavy snow. A team of Airport Executives, AECOM Project Managers, The Abo Group and FCI Constructors Inc. selected Sprung as the product of choice to supply over 63,000 square feet of fully insulated structures.

Sprung’s engineered clearspan design, speed of delivery, superior insulation package, integral daylight panels and energy savings from daylighting, and a proven track record were all contributing factors in the selection process. In addition, one of the selling features is the relocatable design, which provides added flexibility should the structures need to be moved.

Each of the five structures is 70′ wide x 180′ long and includes an 8″ insulation package, two man door exits and four custom overhead door systems, each 28′ wide x 14′ high, with fully functional operation remote controls in each vehicle. The clearspan design supports a perfect drive-through direction for the large vehicles without restriction, ensuring speed and safety during harsh weather operations, while being strategically located on the runway’s edge.

The efficiency of the Sprung structure matched the strict building code requirements at DIA, and Denver County. The five structures are designed specifically for high winds and harsh weather, consistent with the front range in the mile-high city. The structures were stamped and permitted for long-term permanent use at one of the largest and busiest airports in the U.S. The project was completed in under six months.


“In recounting my recent project experience with Sprung Instant Structures, I can truthfully say my experience was first-rate. Our project called for five 70′ x 180′ structures to be fabricated and erected on existing paving. Sprung performed admirably, guiding us through the design process with their buildings, working tirelessly to answer detailed structural questions with a building department unfamiliar with their product, and deliver the buildings on time.”