Market Sector Fire Stations

Salt Lake City Fire Department



  • Salt Lake City Fire Department, Salt Lake City, Utah


  • Salt Lake City encompasses over 90 square miles of land, which is quite challenging when it comes to fire-fighting coverage. The city currently operates 14 stations that are strategically located throughout the city. The department also has a fleet of reserve apparatus and equipment that is scattered throughout the city. Their goal was to have all of the reserve equipment and apparatus stored and staged at one central location. By locating all of their extra equipment to one central location, they would be able to provide a much quicker response to any catastrophic event that could take place.


  • 130′ wide by 150′ long insulated Sprung Structure complete with custom red rolling service doors and custom red personnel doors.
  • Logistics Equipment Storage and Office Space


  • Sprung provided a 19,500 ft² clear-span, insulated warehouse, they refer to as their Logistics Building. It houses all the reserve apparatus, hose, and equipment necessary to re-stock their stations when time is of the essence. In addition to the apparatus and equipment, personnel of the Logistics Division will maintain office space necessary to maintain and update inventory, and to provide prompt delivery of apparatus and equipment to their stations.