Disaster Recovery & Emergency Response

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As the healthcare industry faces urgent demands for medical facilities and emergency shelters, Sprung offers a rapid-response solution. Our semi-permanent structures can be shipped within days, constructed in as little as two weeks, and provide extreme all-weather durability. Sprung’s shelters are used around the world for rapid-response medical facilities, temporary housing, emergency operations, disaster recovery buildings, and more.

Emergency Operation & Disaster Recovery Buildings

Sprung’s structures are customizable, adaptable and rapidly deployable, making them an optimal option for any disaster relief efforts.

  • Medical emergency operation centers
  • Intensive care units
  • Medical overflow facilities
  • Pedestrian triage units for patient screening prior to hospital entry
  • Pedestrian triage units vehicle triage units for entry screening and directions
  • Isolation zones
  • Testing facilities
  • Temporary housing
  • Emergency housing for families
  • Natural disaster relief
  • Man camps
  • School gymnasiums for multi-use emergency space needs
  • Emergency operation centers
  • Homeless shelters
  • Food service buildings
  • Correctional facilities
  • Offices and corporate-use spaces
  • Distribution facilities
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Places of worship
  • Warehousing
  • Remediated buildings

Why Sprung for Emergency Shelter Design

Rapidly Deployable Disaster Recovery Buildings

Sprung structures are ideal for disaster recovery buildings as they are immediately deployable for many emergency operation applications such as drive through testing facilities, temporary housing, offices, medical facilities and more. Available as semi-permanent alternatives to conventional construction, Sprung structures are flexibly designed using innovative and functional emergency shelter designs, and then constructed and built quickly and effectively to help you save time, money and even lives.

Suitable for All Climates and Sites

Our emergency shelter designs allows for use in more locations. With a limited need for foundations and attractive energy-efficient insulation packages available, Sprung structures are easily dismantled and relocated for any future man-made or natural disaster relief building needs. Sprung Structures keeps over a million square feet of inventory that can be deployed within days. Once delivered, our structures are built faster than any other building system.

Emergency Operation Applications

Pandemic Response Facilities

Our adaptable and rapidly deployable emergency shelter design make it a top choice for pandemic response facilities.

Temporary structures for field hospitals. It can be erected on asphalt, concrete or earth.

Emergency Shelter Housing

Much like homeless, large dormitory-style housing pictures Sprung can deliver and direct emergency dormitory-style house to disaster areas faster than any other building system

San Francisco Navigation Shelter
Sprung Homeless Shelter cubicles
Toronto Respite Center - Temporary Building for the homelessness in Toronto


Sprung provides warehousing structures to disaster relief organizations around the world. Rugged, durable clear span structures.

Hurricane Katrina Salvation Army Distribution center - temporary fabric warehousing
Warehousing fabric structure
Warehousing for food at this disaster recovering area


Sprung structures are ideal for both temporary and permanent classrooms and gymnasiums.

US Virgin Island Board of Education Gymnasiums
Sprung Buildings US Virgin Island Board of Education Gymnasiums
America Samoa classrooms - portable building shipped within 6 days of order.

Choose Sprung for Disaster Recovery Buildings

Government agencies, non-profit and non-governmental agencies, and natural disaster relief organizations have already made Sprung their first choice for instant disaster recovery buildings. Sprung structures have been used as emergency operation, shelter and distribution centers in Canada, Haiti and New York City, as temporary classroom enclosures in American Samoa, as homeless shelters in Hawaii, and as hurricane disaster recovery buildings for Orleans Parish in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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