Mess Halls & DFAC Facilities

Sprung for Military Dining Facilities

Choose Sprung for your military mess halls. Our advanced and patented tensioning building system results in a structure with unlimited design potential that is adaptable to almost any environment imaginable. For all climates, Sprung’s DFAC army structures provide comfortable, bright and functional space for dining, recreation and more. New military dining facilities are available for quick delivery.

Sprung’s Mess Halls

100’ – 180’ wide structures
9” thick R-30
(U-value = .0333) insulation

30’ – 90’ wide structures
8” thick R-25
(U-value = .0400) insulation

Immediate Solutions For Mess Halls

Get rapidly built cafeteria, breakroom and DFAC army structures to support physical distancing safeguards. Sprung’s tension fabric structures are available immediately from inventory, so you can start preparing for the construction of your military mess halls.

Sprung at Work for DFAC Military Buildings

For mess halls and DFAC army facilities around the world, Sprung has provided advanced tension fabric structures that can be rapidly deployed.

The Bob Hope Dining Facility & Mess Hall

Lunchrooms and Safety Meeting Rooms by Sprung Structures. Sprung Building Structures Tensile buildings. -TFS military tent sprung
Military facilities tension membrane fabric structures - Bob Hope Dining Hall
Military facilities tension membrane fabric structures - Bob Hope Dining Hall

Baghdad International Airport, Iraq

Challenge: Immediate requirement for a 50,000 sq. ft. military dining facility to be located at the Baghdad International Airport, Iraq. Must be engineered to withstand temperatures in excess of 120F as well as frequent high wind sand storms and serve 32, 000 meals a day.

Solution: 88.6′ wide by 500′ long Sprung Structure

Time-line: Delivery Time – Delivery 4 weeks from order. Construction Time – 30 days.

Results: This Sprung structure was named the “Bob Hope Dining Facility”, in appreciation for his decades of service to generations of US soldiers deployed in combat. President George W. Bush made a surprise visit to the Bob Hope Dining Facility on Thanksgiving Day, 27 November 2003. The Sprung membrane tensioning system provides an airtight “Sandstorm Proof” solution that functions exceptionally well in desert environments. After the war, the Sprung structure was relocated and reconfigured into three different units measuring 88.6’ wide x 206’ long and two 88’6 wide x 118’ long.

US Naval Academy Mess Hall Storage Facility

Annapolis, Maryland

Challenge: The United States Naval Academy founded in 1845 teaches, houses, and feeds 4,500 midshipmen per year. When the decision was made to modernize and renovate King Hall Galley, the Navy chose Sprung Structures and alliance partner Kitchens To Go for the 18-month interim kitchen facility.

Solution: Sprung supplied a 140’ wide by 105’ long fully insulated structure that handles all the food storage. The structure was designed with all the necessary dry, cold, freezer, and preparation space to hold 5 to 7 days’ worth of food. Sprung also provided a 100’ wide by 38’ long cover, that is connected to the storage facility. This cover completely spans the access road to the storage facility and provides weather protection for all food deliveries. On the opposite side, Sprung provided a custom opening to allow a seamless transition into the K-T-G kitchen trailers. The combination of Sprung Structures and K-T-G provided approximately 14,000 meals per day for the duration of the 18-month modernization and renovation of King Hall Galley.

Why Choose Sprung for DFAC Army Structures

  1. Global Reputation – Sprung has erected more than 12,000 buildings in all climates. Get a mess hall facility that is reliable, adaptable and rapidly deployable.
  2. Designed for All Climates – DFAC army facilities need to be suitable for a wide range of weather conditions. Sprung’s mess halls have excellent insulation and are bright and comfortable for all occupants.
  3. Immediate Delivery from Inventory – Get quickly deployable DFAC military structures that can be built quicker than conventional buildings.
  4. Limited Foundation Requirements – Save on the cost of a foundation where appropriate soil conditions exist. Foundations are not required for Sprung’s army mess all structures up to 160 feet in width.
  5. Cost-Effective and Compact Shipping – A mess hall structure up to 15,000 sq. ft. fits into a standard ISO container.