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See how Sprung is revolutionizing construction with cutting-edge building solutions for numerous industries and applications — including technology and crypto facilities.
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Featured Crypto Projects

Sprung’s fabric crypto buildings

Sprung offers the ideal solution for constructing new crypto buildings. Our large, clear-span fabric structures are both highly efficient and environmentally controlled, making them perfect for setting up crypto facilities. With widths ranging from 30 to 200 feet, and the ability to customize length, our structure will provide your crypto building with ample space for your mining servers and supporting equipment. As crypto mining is a complex process, it’s crucial for crypto facilities to be equipped to handle a variety of challenges, from heat management to energy efficiency. Sprung structures are designed with flexibility and durability in mind, ensuring that your crypto buildings remain reliable and profitable.

Crypto facilities made to last

Environmental control is critical for crypto buildings, and Sprung’s instant fabric structures offer unparalleled flexibility in adapting to these needs compared to traditional brick-and-mortar structures. Sprung crypto facilities can benefit from optional, highly efficient fiberglass insulation systems. Our crypto buildings can also be built to meet the demands of HVAC systems, allowing HVAC ducting to be implemented directly into the structure. In fact, one of North America’s largest crypto facilities, Riot’s Whinstone crypto building facility, already uses Sprung structures to house thousands of mining computers across multiple football field-sized enclosures. This impressive feat showcases Sprung’s effectiveness and value in the world of crypto mining.

Rapidly deployable crypto buildings

Sprung is the global leader in designing and building tensioned membrane structures for a wide variety of industries, including time- and energy-efficient crypto facilities. With a vast portfolio of prefab structures deployed around the globe, our expertise makes us the top choice for constructing crypto buildings. Boasting superior indoor climate control, ample natural light and the ability to withstand all weather conditions, Sprung’s crypto buildings not only meet but exceed the highest standards. Contact us today for a quote on a rapidly built crypto facility designed to meet all your needs.

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