Government bodies have long known about the Sprung Advantage.

Whether it’s a military operation in need of versatile and re-locatable buildings, a public works department in need of an economically viable solution for a local project, a correctional facility planning to expand, or even a disaster recovery effort in need of emergency facilities, Sprung building systems meet all of the provisioning criteria.


Sprung tensioned membrane structures are the solution of choice for military needing a reliable, precision-engineered building option for applications such as aircraft hangars, vehicle maintenance facilities and on-site warehousing.

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The Sprung clearspan space provides excellent visibility in housing units and is the perfect solution of choice for the corrections industry needing a fast, reliable building option.

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Disaster Recovery

The Sprung structure is an innovative, relocatable building option designed to provide an immediate, cost-effective solution for disaster recovery applications worldwide.

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Public Works

A non-corroding Sprung enclosure is the solution of choice for public works applications in cities all over the world, which include salt and sand storage, vehicle maintenance facilities, public works offices, and warehousing options.

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