Sports & Recreation Buildings

With rapid build times, extremely versatile interior spaces and energy-efficient structures, Sprung buildings provide innovative solutions for fitness and recreational sports centers. Sprung’s building system is available immediately from inventory and has been used as a fitness center building in multiple applications from stadium buildings and ice arenas, to other specialty fitness and recreational sports centers such as swimming pools, gymnasiumsgolf courses, and ski resorts.


Sprung structures offer an immediate, cost-effective solution for ice arenas or other recreational sports centers. Sprung's tall interior peak height provides superior space and illumination for an optimal playing environment, and a premium fiberglass insulation system provides unsurpassed energy efficiency.

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Sprung structures are a great solution for any gymnasium or fitness center building as they provide an affordable large, versatile and energy-efficient facility. Thanks to a sophisticated interior liner and clearspan interior design, Sprung structures provide ideal illumination and a safe, enjoyable playing environment.

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Sprung structures offer an immediate, relocatable solution for golf facilities as they require minimal foundation requirements and can be ordered directly from inventory. Designed for year-round use, Sprung’s large clearspan interior space combines well with optional glazing walls and insulation packages to provide the ultimate in durability, flexibility and design appeal.

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Sprung structures are the top choice for pool, fitness and recreational sports centers looking for a reliable, cost-effective building solution. With energy-efficient insulation packages to help reduce energy costs and options for translucent skylights and window packages, Sprung provides a bright environment perfect for swimming or exercising.

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Sprung's durable, energy-efficient structures are an ideal solution for ski hills needing reliable, relocatable building options in a short amount of time. Engineered for extreme climates and designed to shed snow, Sprung's substructure facilitates building on challenging construction sites or in tough weather conditions. Ideal for day lodges, rental shop expansions, dining, and on-hill demo centers.

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LEED Certifiable

We have documented features that support your efforts to obtain LEED© certification.

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Building Components:

Sprung Component Architecture

Our component architecture is the most versatile, durable, and energy-efficient building solution available in the marketplace.

See How the Components Come Together

Building Components

Sprung Component Architecture

Our sophisticated and patented tensioning system results in a structure with unlimited design potential that is adaptable to almost any environment imaginable, in addition to reducing climate-control costs and improving acoustics.

Component Assembly

Explore the Components

Explore the Components

Take a step-by-step tour of the component assembly (click 1 through 5) and see how they all fit together.

Johns Manville Formaldehyde-Free Fiberglass Insulation

Up to 9" thick fiberglass blanket insulation. Reduces climate-control costs and provides superior acoustics.

Aluminum Substructure

Specialized high-strength aluminum alloy. Exceptional adaptability and unlimited lifespan.

Zero Compression of Insulation

Insulation is kept at its proper thickness for maximum performance and comfort.

Reflective Foil Backing & Interior Membrane

Adds reflectivity and protects base fabric. Fungus- and mildew-resistant.

Exterior Architectural Membrane

Durable, fire resistant, virtually maintenance-free. Ideal display area for graphic treatments.

Building Components:

Premium Insulation

With up to 9-inch-thick (R-30) Johns Manville formaldehyde-free fiberglass blanket insulation, Sprung structures offer better performing insulation.

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Building Components

Premium Insulation

Sprung uses Johns Manville formaldehyde-free fiberglass blanket insulation, the only product of its kind in the world. Our insulation packages consistently exceed building code requirements, and set the standard for energy effiency.

There is a difference.

Compare R-Values
Conventional Construction: Wall
Conventional Construction: Roof
Sprung Structure: Wall and Roof

Why R-Value Matters to You

The higher the R-Value (the measure of thermal resistance), the greater the insulating power. Thicker insulation, proper fitting, and air-tightness all help improve your building's R-Value – and reduce your climate-control costs.

Conventional Construction: Wall

Conventional construction often compresses wall insulation to as little as 4”, often resulting in R-Values as low as R-12.

Conventional Construction: Roof

Even when not compressing the blanket, conventional construction insulation is typically 6” thick, with an R-Value of R-20.

Sprung Structure: Wall and Roof

Sprung structures employ continuous - ground to peak - insulation up to 9” thick (R-30). With no differentiation between wall and roof, the Sprung structure provides consistent, superior performance throughout the entire building envelope.

Sprung Advantage   

Proven Durability

Engineered to perform in even the most demanding environments.

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Sprung Advantage:

Speed of Construction

From breaking ground to final structure in only months.

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