Ice Arenas

Tension Fabric Arena Buildings

A Sprung structure is the perfect solution for the arena or stadium builder who needs anything from a complex ice arena center to a simple stadium building. Sprung provides a better return on investment, thanks to low construction costs, quick build capabilities, lower operating costs and a sophisticated interior environment for large recreational needs.

Optimal Stadium Building Design

Sprung’s bright, clear-span spaces provide a natural setting for play in all seasons, while an energy-efficient insulation package provides comfortable climate-controllability and lower overall operating costs – particularly beneficial for ice arena structures. As a long-term solution, Sprung stadium and arena enclosures offer performance and increased attendance, and keep community members moving.

Edge School ice arena with second story viewing area.

Quick Construction and Easy Maintenance

Sprung’s innovative engineering allows arena structures to be quickly erected with minimal foundation requirements, and the tension fabric exterior are easy to maintain. The buildings are a popular choice around the world for arena enclosures and stadium buildings.

Edge School ice arena one of two
Ice Arena Sprung
Edge School ice arena built for permanence and relocatable.

Sprung Community Arena Package

With a Sprung Community Arena Package, we take the pain of planning and permits, finding and hiring consultants and contractors, and everything in between, to deliver three affordable complete arena solutions for rural communities.

ODR Ice Arena

Our ODR Ice Arena offers ice and wind protection for your outdoor arena.

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The Community Practice Arena is similar to the Single Arena, without bleacher seating.

This package includes dressing rooms, an optional mezzanine viewing area, a first-aid room, a party room, a concession area, a skate shop, admin offices, and more.

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Our Single Community Arena Package offers an optional second-level mezzanine viewing area, dressing rooms, community rooms, admin offices, and more. This package includes bleacher seating for over 250 – *480 people (*with optional mezzanine viewing area).

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Our Twin Community Arena Package offers a fully equipped double arena complete with everything a community facility will need including bleacher seating for over 600 – *900 people (with optional mezzanine viewing area),  dressing rooms, concession area, community rooms, admin offices and so much more.

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Sprung for Arena Buildings

  1. Superior Performing Playing Environment – Provide a bright and spacious playing environment in your arena structures with a tall peak height, fortified with a fully tensioned white interior membrane.
  2. Engineered for Extreme Climates – Enjoy peace of mind: Sprung’s arena centers are engineered to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.
  3. Rapid Construction Schedule – Significantly reduce construction costs and timelines compared to conventional stadium builder or arena building construction.
  4. Superior Performing Insulation System – Achieve exceptional performance as well as lower operating and energy costs with Sprung’s airtight building envelope and fully lofted fiberglass insulation system.
  5. Custom Colors and Graphics – Choose from a wide selection of exterior options and showcase your brand with high-quality custom graphics.

Examples of Sprung at Work

  • Community Centers
  • Ice Arenas Structures
  • Sports Centers
  • Youth Centers
  • Stadium Building Additions
  • Equestrian Arena Buildings
  • Event Venues
  • Training Facilities
  • Multi-purpose Arenas
  • Indoor Soccer Arenas Centers

Choose Sprung as Your Arena Center / Stadium Builder

Many members of the sports and recreation industry, including health and fitness decision-makers, stadium builders, community leaders and school directors, have already made Sprung their solution for arena structures and stadium buildings. Sprung structures have been used in many different applications around the globe; as an ice arena building at the Edge School in Alberta, Canada, as roller rinks at Canyons Ski Resort, and as a stadium building addition for the San Francisco 49ers Team Store and LA Dodgers Team Store.

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Arena Building from Sprung

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