Pre-Engineered Buildings for Government Applications

Sprung Instant Structures has prefabricated structures that can be built in weeks. Our high-performance tension fabric prefab shelters are customizable and can adapt to a wide range of uses, from storage to temporary or permanent functional facilities. With a wide range of applications and rapid build times, governments around the world trust Sprung  for pre-engineered buildings.

Why Sprung for Prefab Shelters

Not only do Sprung’s shelters feature cost effective building, but they are customizable for a wide range of applications.

  1. Immediate Delivery Available – We have prefab shelters available in our inventory for rapid delivery and construction.
  2. Superior Performing Insulation System – Our prefabricated enclosures are designed for all climates.
  3. Modular Clear Span Design – Use Sprung’s prefab shelters for permanent or temporary structures.
  4. Limited Foundation Requirements – Where appropriate soil conditions exist, Sprung’s pre-engineered buildings can be assembled without a foundation.
  5. Lease with Option to Purchase – Sprung offers cost effective building with purchase and lease options available.

Choose Sprung for your Prefabricated Structures

For governments around the world, Sprung has delivered rapid-build prefab shelters for corrections centers, storage facilities, disaster relief centers and cost-effective buildings where budget, construction timeline and performance were top priority. We regularly work with local and national governments to implement custom solutions and identify the best pre-engineered building for the agency’s needs. Contact Sprung to lease or buy high-performance prefabricated structures.