Sprung Fabric Buildings: Engineered to Outperform

Sprung’s world famous fabric buildings were developed from the fabric membrane structures the Sprung family invented over a century ago. Our system allows for the rapid construction, total design flexibility, and fundamental cost-effectiveness of absolutely any short or long-term building. Our performance architectural membrane fabric structures have been proven in climates around the world, in thousands of applications ranging from church buildings to military barracks, event centers to arenas, and aircraft hangars to mining camp buildings Sprung fabric buildings provide a very rapidly buildable, completely customizable and easily relocatable building solution for any project.

Engineering is the most important factor to consider when choosing tension fabric building structures, and ours is second to none. In over 100 countries, Sprung fabric structures are performing unlike any other buildings: fabric or otherwise.

Exceeding NASA Standards

For over a century, Sprung has been synonymous with custom-made quality fabric membrane buildings that meet unique needs. We patented tensioned fabric structures as an alternative to existing construction methods, and after building the NASA Space Shuttle housing facility in the early 1980s, our reputation became known worldwide.

Tested and Proven Innovation

All Sprung tension fabric building structures are made from the highest quality materials, and individually tested using strict performance measures. Our tensioned fabric structures have proven durability in some of the most extreme conditions on earth, from the hottest desert to the windiest arctic tundra and coldest mountain highland.

  • Sprung structures are designed to meet the Miami-Dade County Hurricane Compliance Code.

  • The only building left standing in Buras, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was a Sprung fabric structure.

Beautiful and Enjoyable Space

Beyond the technical advantages of a Sprung tensioned fabric structure is its beautiful interior space, one that creates a feeling of light and roominess. Natural daylight infuses the area with a warm glow, high roofs and windows create depth and spaciousness, and glazing walls add to the open and inviting characteristics of our fabric buildings.

Quality, Energy Efficient Fabric Structures

A Sprung technical consultant remains on-site throughout on-site assembly to monitor each project, ensuring quality is never compromised and the building is constructed to our rigorous high standards. Sprung tensioned fabric structures have an R-25 to R-30 energy efficiency rating, which outperforms other types of construction methods and results in less environmental impact and lower operational costs. There is almost zero air leakage in a Sprung building thanks to our unique design and premium insulation.

The Sprung Fabric Building Advantage

Manufactured in our own ISO 9001:2008 certified, state-of-the-art factories, each Sprung tensioned fabric structure can be custom made to your specifications and design requirements. Because Sprung fabric membrane buildings have a modular design, we are able to respond to immediate relocatable structure requirements worldwide. And with over two million square feet of available inventory, we help growing businesses expand to new markets quickly. Learn more about the Sprung Advantage today.

"Being in business for 120 years offers the advantage of experience. We have had the opportunity to test a wide variety of materials for our structures.  Our corporate philosophy has always been to provide the highest quality structures with the longest possible life for our customers to maximize their return on investment."

- Phil Sprung, President

Global Experience

More than 12,000 Structures in Over 100 Countries Worldwide

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"Please accept my compliments on your fine product and the fine service we have received from your company." Edgar A. Hays, Project Officer, FORSCOM

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Building Components:

Sprung Component Architecture

Our component architecture is the most versatile, durable, and energy-efficient building solution available in the marketplace.

See How the Components Come Together

Building Components

Sprung Component Architecture

Our sophisticated and patented tensioning system results in a structure with unlimited design potential that is adaptable to almost any environment imaginable, in addition to reducing climate-control costs and improving acoustics.

Component Assembly

Explore the Components

Explore the Components

Take a step-by-step tour of the component assembly (click 1 through 5) and see how they all fit together.

Johns Manville Formaldehyde-Free Fiberglass Insulation

Up to 9" thick fiberglass blanket insulation. Reduces climate-control costs and provides superior acoustics.

Aluminum Substructure

Specialized high-strength aluminum alloy. Exceptional adaptability and unlimited lifespan.

Zero Compression of Insulation

Insulation is kept at its proper thickness for maximum performance and comfort.

Reflective Foil Backing & Interior Membrane

Adds reflectivity and protects base fabric. Fungus- and mildew-resistant.

Exterior Architectural Membrane

Durable, fire resistant, virtually maintenance-free. Ideal display area for graphic treatments.

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