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Oil & Gas Structures

With limited foundation requirements, energy efficient insulation packages, and options for temporary and semi-permanent construction, the possibilities for oil and gas buildings with Sprung structures are endless. Popular uses include natural gas storage facilities, on-site warehousing, gymnasiums, lunch tents, and more. Sprung offers a virtually maintenance-free product made of durable materials like aluminum, and a high-performance architectural membrane that ensures your oil and gas structures are built to last.

Sprung Buildings at a Resource Site

Click here to see our interactive resource page. Click here for a downloadable pdf of Sprung structures at Oil and Gas sites.

5 Top Reasons to Choose Sprung

  1. Unmatched Worldwide Reputation – Invest in the most reliable, versatile and technically advanced structures in the world: Sprung has erected 12,000 structures in over 100 countries.
  2. Immediate Delivery from Inventory – Complete projects in a much shorter time-frame than conventional construction.
  3. Limited Foundation Requirements – Save on foundation costs where appropriate soil conditions exist. Concrete foundations are not required for Sprung structures up to 160 ft. in width. Save time and money.
  4. Modular, Relocatable Clear Span Design – Disassemble, move or completely reconfigure. Ideal for multi-use applications.
  5. Lease with Option to Purchase – Increase your cash flow savings with Sprung’s convenient in-house leasing program.

Examples of Sprung at Work

  • On-Site Warehousing
  • Camp Buildings
  • On-Site Cafeterias
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Remote Warehousing
  • Training Facilities
  • Administration Offices
  • Oil & Gas Processing Facilities
  • Natural Gas Storage Buildings
  • MWR Buildings
  • Fabrication and Sandblasting
  • Equipment Storage
  • Winter Hoarding
  • Blast-resistant Structures
  • Dormitory Housing
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Lunch Tents
  • Other Oil & Gas Buildings

Choose Sprung for Oil and Natural Gas Storage Facilities

A Sprung structure is ideal for energy companies looking for a reliable structural solution that can be built easily and efficiently in remote conditions and within a short time period. Construction time is a critical factor for most oil and gas structures, and Sprung buildings can be built rapidly to accommodate tight timelines and tight budgets. Many project managers, procurement specialists, and resource operations managers have already made Sprung their top choice for all of their oil and gas buildings. Companies like LaPrairie, Marathon, and Encana use Sprung Structures for sand storage, office space, warehousing and maintenance facilities.

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